Gunnar Gíslason new managing director of GPG Seafood

Gunnar Gíslason has been appointed managing director of the fisheries company GPG Seafood in Húsavík, from September 1, taking over the job from Páll Kristjánsson.

Gunnar previously worked in the financing fisheries companies both in Iceland and abroad. He has also worked for Samskip in Bremen and the sales center of the quick-freezing houses, also known as Icelandic Group, in the sale of seafood.

Gunnar holds an MBA from Reykjavík University, a BSc in Export Marketing from Tækniskóli Íslands and is a certified stockbroker.

GPG Seafood is headquartered in Húsavík but also operates in Raufarhöfn and Bakkafjörður. The company operates four boats and focuses on the production of salted fish processing, fish drying, roe processing and freezing of pelagic fish. The company is owned by Gunnlaug Karl Hreinsson, who is also the chairman of the company.