Fragments of Childhood Visits to Húsavík Inspire Art Exhibition

The Safnahúsið Museum and Art Gallery in Húsavík welcomed art enthusiasts to the opening of “HÚSAVÍK ´87” this weekend. The exhibition showcasing remarkable creations of artist Inga Huld Tryggvadóttir, where she captures fragments of her childhood summer memories, spent with grandparents in Húsavík during the last 1980’s.

Crafted from repurposed soda and beer cans, the artworks feature peculiar milk ferns, captivating wallpapers, fresh potatoes, sugary rhubarb, old license plates, summer blossoms, and an endless outdoor expanse infused with the scent of blueberries. Inga Huld, a San Francisco State University BFA (2005) and Pratt Institute MFA (2007) graduate, has exhibited solo and in groups across Iceland and the United States.