Pieta Organization opens Shelter in Húsavík

Húsavík witnessed a significant step in mental health care with the inauguration of a Pieta shelter, “Pietaskjól,” aimed at aiding individuals in crisis. The shelter, an extension of the renowned Pieta organization, was officially opened yesterday in a ceremony attended by local officials and representatives.

Gunnhildur Ólafsdóttir, professional director of Pieta, highlighted the organization’s mission of assisting those grappling with suicidal thoughts and self-harm tendencies, offering a safe space for healing. The shelter’s services encompass vital interviews for both those in danger and bereaved relatives, bridging a crucial gap in mental health support.

Since its inception in 2018, Pieta’s demand has surged, emphasizing the need for accessible mental health services. The new shelter in Húsavík is a testament to Pieta’s commitment to reaching more individuals and fostering hope in their darkest moments.