Explorers and their Whiskey

Friday March 6, 2020 @ The Exploration Museum A whiskey tasting event that is out of this world. What was Neil Armstrong’s favorite whiskey. What did Captain Scott bring on his expedition to the North Pole. Who was Flóki who’s name is on the Icelandic Whiskey bottles, and what fictional explorer always had a bottle […]

Pub Quiz with Orly at Icelandair Hotel Mývatn

Thursday March 5, 2020 @ Icelandair Hotel Mývatn Tonight is the first event of the Mývatn Winter Festival, a Pub Quiz with Orly Orlyson at Icelandair Hotel Mývatn. The questions will cover eveything from local culture to the Eurovision Song Contest, Sport and Space Travel. The questions will be presented in both English and Icelandic. […]

People of Lake Mývatn celebrate first annual Winter Festival

Icelandic dogs on Ice

The Mývatn Winter Festival will be held for the first time next month, from March 6 to 8. According to the festival’s website, the event will be one of a kind in Iceland, where people and animals compete in multiple non-traditional winter sports, mostly on the frozen lake. The competitions include Mývatn Open Horses on […]

Rafnar Performs Newest Album “Voda”

Local musician Rafnar Orri Gunnarsson performed his album “Voda” this past weekend at the Hof in Akureyri, and the Samkomuhúsinu in Husavik. This performance was accompanied by artwork created specifically for the album art by Dušana Pavlovičová and featured lilys, dragonfies, flowers and other items found in nature. Rafnar performed a set of 6 songs, […]

At Christmas Tree lighting, Mayor challenges locals to compliment each other

On an unseasonably mild December 2, the the children of Húsavík participated in the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. With the beautiful old houses Sel and Árból as the backdrop, spectators gathered around the tree to watch musical performances from local kids and to listen to remarks from Mayor Kristján Þór Magnússon and Sighvatur Karlsson, priest […]

Húsavík women’s choir sings at Lake Mývatn today

Húsavík women’s choir will sing in the Reykjahlíð church at at Lake Mývatn today. The concert starts at 5 pm. On the program will be Christmas songs from all over the world, pop music, songs from musicals and more. The conductorof the choir is Hólmfríður Benediktsdóttir and Valmar Valjaots plays the piano. The choir sang […]

Ásgeir Trausti kicks off Airwaves in Akureyri

The Iceland Airwaves music festival started in Reykjavík this week and this year the festival also takes place in Akureyri, the second largest urban area after the capital area of Reykjavík and only a one hour drive from Húsavík. The festival kicks off in Akureyri tonight with performances by Húsavík artist Ásgeir Trausti, Mammút, Hildur, […]

President of Iceland to visit Húsavík this week

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland, will visit Húsavík this Wednesday, October 18. This is his first official visit to Húsavík, but his second visit as President, as he took part in the Explorers Festival in Húsavík last year and presented the main award at the Leif Erikson Exploration Awards. The President will visit local […]

Babita Sharma to present Leif Erikson Awards in Húsavík

Babita Sharma

TV Presenter and BBC World News Anchor Babita Sharma will present the Leif Erikson Exploration Awards in Húsavík this weekend. The awards are the highlight of the upcoming Explorers Festival, held in Húsavík for the third time this year. Previous winners of the awards include Apollo astronautand and Moon walker Harrison Schmitt, Australian sailor Jessica […]

Third Explorers Festival starts in Húsavík tomorrow

2016 Explorers Festival

This year in Husavik, the third edition of The Explorers Festival is taking place from September 21 to September 24. Whole event consists of a series of talks by the invited guests, an art and photo exhibition, film screenings, concerts and many other – including outdoor activities and workshops. Whereas adventure and exploration are the […]