Volcanic activity in the south of Iceland not affecting Húsavík

Volcanic activity in Eyjafjallajökull on the south coast of Iceland, has not affected life in Húsavík. Most domestic flights have been on schedule and the weather in Húsavík has been good for the past few days.

The Icelandic Tourist Council issued a press release on the 16 April 2010 stressing that day-to-day life in Iceland is just as usual. “Travellers currently in Iceland are safe and well-treated, and the appropriate parties are making every effort to make their stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible,” the Icelandic Tourist Council said in the press release.

“We only see the effects of the volcanic activity on the news and of course feel sorry for those who are stranded away from their homes and families,” a local man from Húsavík told myHúsavík.com reporter yesterday.

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