President visits schools and meets with local travel industry leaders

Yesterday was the last day of the official  visit of President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson to Norðurþing municipality. The President arrived in Húsavík on Tuesday evening and starting official events on Wednesday morning. The first stop was a visit to the greenhouses at Hveravellir, where the President enjoyed tomatoes and cucumbers grown with geothermal heat and energy.

From there he traveled to Húsavík to meet the kids of Grænuvellir kindergarten, had a walk through the botanic garden and made a visit to the oldest inhabited home in Húsavík, Árholt, and the 96-year old inhabitant Hulda Þórhallsdóttir. He then made visits to the two schools in town and spoke with the students. The President also made stops at all three museums in town and visited the Hvammur nursing home.

The President hosted a meeting with business leaders from the local travel industry and got to know the strengths and challenges facing the industry. The day ended with a family festival in the sports hall, with speeches from the Mayor and President and music from local artists.

On Thursday, the President visited Raufarhöfn and Kópasker, as well as Öxarfjörður, Kelduhverfi and Ásbyrgi Canyon.