Húsavík Cape Hotel offers Accommodation special for Aurora Hunters

Húsavík has seen a growing number of aurora hunters in the last 10 years. The picturesque village with its old wooden church, a lighthouse that looks like its right out of a Wes Anderson movie, and the charming boats and old houses of the harbor, all provide the perfect foreground elements for the one perfect aurora shot. Húsavík Cape Hotel, which is the only hotel in Húsavík that is open all year round, now offers an Aurora Special for people who want to spend a few days up north hunting for these magical lights of the north.

“We know how disappointing it can be to come all this way just to meet a cloudy night sky. For that reason, we now offer up to a 4 night stay during weekdays, where our guests only pay for the first two nights,” says Cape Hotel manager Orly Orlyson. The hotel also offers tripods for its guests for free use, that come in handy for getting the best Northern lights shots.

The special is bookable through the Cape Hotel website.