People of Húsavík Dance for a World without fear of Violence against Women

On February 14 a dance revolution against gender-based violence will take place in Húsavík for the second time. One Billion Rising, now taking place for the 8th time globally, is a event where over a billion people come together and dance towards a world where everyone has a right to the same opportunities without fear of violence. The event took place for the first time in Húsavík last year with over 40 participants and local organizer Silja Jóhannesdóttir expects an even more turnout now in the second year.

Violence against women is a global pandemic and Iceland is no exception. According to recent research, a woman seeks care at the local hospital in Iceland every two days for injuries caused by an intimate partner.

Don’t miss out on the dance party of the year that takes place at the Fosshótel in Húsavík.