Stay for free in Húsavík – but don’t forget your Snow Shovel!

The Húsavík Cottages at Kaldbakur, just south of the town, have a special offer on accommodation this weekend. And the offer is quite special to say the least. Three cottages are available for a free stay, but only if the guests are willing to shovel their way to the holiday homes.  North Iceland has seen an unusual amount of snow and storms this winter. The cottages are a popular choice for travelers visiting Húsavík.

The owner and manager of Húsavík Cottages, Sigurjón Benediktsson, says the offer is attracting a lot of attention. As there is more snow expected this week, the offer might be available next weekend as well.

“I don’t see other hotels competing with this price. This is an unbeatable price for a unique Icelandic experience,” Benediktsson told the Húsavík Observer.