Gentle Giants and Ísfell Donate Clothing and Supplies to Children’s Home in Kolkata

Daniel presenting a gift to the children's home

Gentle Giants, a whale watching company, and Ísfell, a clothing store, both based in Húsavík, have made a generous donation to a children’s home in Kolkata, India. The gift, which includes Icelandic clothing, toys, and other supplies, was personally delivered by Daniel Annisius, the assistant manager of Gentle Giants, during his recent trip to Kolkata.

Annisius, who himself was born in Kolkata and spent his early months in the same building as the children’s home, described the visit as a meaningful and emotional experience. Despite the difficult conditions, he was impressed by the dedication and care of the staff towards the children.

The donation has been warmly welcomed by both the staff and the children at the home. This gesture from two companies in Húsavík demonstrates the deep connections that many Icelandic families have with Kolkata, and highlights the importance of supporting vulnerable communities around the world. Contributions to the Kolkata children’s home can be made through the charity organization Illuminate India.