The Guestbook

This story is by Leonardo Piccione, written for the 10th anniversary of Húsavík Guesthouse. Achille didn’t see the whales but has promised that he will come back. Date: May, 10th 2019. One week before, Melissa managed to spot three humpbacks, and drew them down too. On August 13th, 2018 a guest from Hong Kong illustrated […]

Un’offerta irrinunciabile

Kaldbaks-kot, cottage numero 15, 23 febbraio 2020. Una buona idea potrebbe essere cominciare descrivendo il panorama che si gode dalla finestra della stanzina dove passerò la notte, ma il problema è che non si vede granché. Un muro di neve alto quasi quanto il cottage lascia spazio a malapena a una fascetta di cielo, in […]

Through the snow, to tranquility

Kaldbaks-kot, cottage number 15, February 23rd 2020. A good idea might be to start this page describing the view that one can enjoy from the window of the pretty little room where I will spend the night, but the problem is that there is not really much to see. A wall of snow almost as […]