New florist opens in Húsavík

Ásdís Kjartansdóttir, a local woman from Húsavík has opened a new flower and gift shop at Höfðabrekka in Húsavík. The shop is called Blómabrekkan, a name that is put together from the Icelandic words blóm (flower) and brekka (hillside), as the shop is located in Húsavík’s hillside neighbourhood. The unusual part about this new florist’s shop is it’s size. The shop is hardly more than 15 square metres and might just be the smallest flower shop in Iceland. As a result, the shop has a nice, warm, comfortable feel to it. If you want to surprise your love while in Húsavík, the new flower shop is at Höfðabrekka 10, right behind Húsavík swimming pool.

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