Húsavík Cape Hotel and Saltvík Horse Farm selected for Development Project

Seven companies in travel and tourism in Northeast Iceland have been selected for the innovation and development project Ratsjáin. Two of the companies are from Húsavík, the Húsavík Cape Hotel and Saltvík Horse Farm. Other companies in the project are Akureyri Whale Watching, Arctic Trip, Snow Dogs, Kaffi kú and Háey.

The project is hosted by the Iceland Tourism Cluster and Innovation Center of Iceland with a grant from the Regional Development Initiative.

The seven companies will work with each other at evaluating the challenges and growth opportunities each company is facing. According to a press release from the Iceland Tourism Cluster, the participants have a great deal of combined experience in the tourism sector in Iceland and the managers can learn a lot from each other. In addition, experienced professionals will guide the companies.

“The seven companies that were selected for participation this time are diverse as well as being the leaders in their local communities,” said
Ásta Kristín Sigurjónsdóttir, Managing Director of the Icelandic Travel Cluster. “These are
ambitious companies that aim high and want to take this opportunity to further their business ”.

The project was formally launched in Akureyri on February 18, and the first meeting will take place at Saltvík Horse Farm next week.