Iceland’s Football Association awards Völsungur for gender equality

Húsavík football team Völsungur has recived the Equal Rights Award of the Football Association of Iceland (KSÍ) for working towards gender equality in the sport. The award was annonced this Saturday at the 74th national congress of KSÍ.

“For years, the sports club Völsungur has worked towards the goal of gender equality, with special emphazis on the younger classes of the club, and the club has seen a significant increase in the proportion of girls in the sport”, the Association wrote on its website. “Völsungur is a good example of a club where the emphasis on strong youth teams, equality and sustainability, are the foundation for future development, and in that way the club is a role model for other clubs in Iceland”.

Völsungur has close to 200 practitioners  in the club’s youth teams and the gender ratio is almost equal.

Photo: Vö