President of Town Council breaks ground for new Nursing Home in Húsavík

Aldey Traustadóttir, president of the town council, broke ground for a new nursing home in Húsavík today.

Last year, a design competition was held for the design of the nursing home. Architecture firm Arkís, in collaboration with Mannvit, won the project.

“The layout of the condominium units supports a homely atmosphere with cozy private spaces for each resident, most of which face the town and a wonderful view of Skjálfandi and Kinnarfjöll. Working facilities are very good as service spaces are central and distances are short within each department. Home units are all the same size and their design facilitates staffing and flow between them, including an overview of the home as a whole and staff being better utilized at night”

The nursing home will have 60 units and be 4100 square meters in size. The planned completion is in 2024.