Voigt Travel offers 10 departures to northern Iceland this winter

The first international flight of the winter landed at Akureyri Airport today. The tours are sold by Voigt Travel in the Netherlands, but the airline Transavia handles the flight.

Flights from Amsterdam will be on Fridays and Mondays for the next 5 weeks, a total of 10 flights in total.

Voigt Travel started charter flights to Akureyri in the summer of 2019 and also had flights in February and March 2020. Immediately after that flight, the pandemic struck and flights operated by the travel agency have been suspended ever since. Now, however, Voigt Travel is picking up the thread and will offer flights twice a week this winter, as well as weekly flights next summer. This is in accordance with the travel agency’s plans to increase the number of passengers on their routes on direct flights to the North.

Hjalti Páll Þórarinsson, project manager of Flugklasan Air 66N, says this is a great day of joy: “We are very pleased that Voigt Travel is once again able to offer charter flights directly to the North. The pandemic temporarily halted operations, but now the conditions for travel are back. The collaboration with Voigt Travel has been very good from the beginning and it’s great to see the charter flight resume. Voigt Travel has great faith in the North as a destination and wants to continue to increase the number of visitors here on their behalf. ”

Arnheiður Jóhannsdóttir, managing director of the Nordic Marketing Agency, agrees: “It is extremely important for tourism in the North that these flights are back on track. Both for the companies that directly benefit from the arrival of these tourists, but also for the tourism industry as a whole. After the long-term negative effects of the pandemic, this is positive news that tourism companies need. This encourages all of us who work in the industry to look to the future with bright eyes. ”

Voigt Travel’s charter flights also give travel-thirsty Nordics the opportunity to shrink beyond the shores. It is still possible to secure a ticket to Amsterdam, but the Akureyri Travel Agency handles the sale of trips abroad.